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Friday, September 21, 2012

Thrift Store Shopping Trip

This week we went to the Texas thrift store looking for some deals. It was lots of fun! We found a bunch of fun T-shirts and a whole section of costumes. I will post pics of one we got after its been cleaned so you can see the great find for my munchkin. Like always we looked through the kids books. I am always trying to add more books to his at home library and we love the Little critters series so I was excited when I found this stash! They were 25 cents each and the bigger one 50 cents. I took them home and have been reading them to munchkin for bed this week. He loves them.

I also found a book that has always been very dear to my heart and now even more so as I am a mom. The book is "I love you Forever" by Robert Munsch. If you haven't read it go to the library or book store and check it out. Its amazing and will put a tear in any moms eye. I read it when I was little and loved it and then read it again this week and teared up because the love that book shows is priceless. Trust me when I say its a good read. I don't want to spoil the book for you by telling you about it except that it shows the love all moms have for there sons. Best part is that I got it for only 75 cents!

Lately my son is into puzzles and he's really good at them. So wherever I go I'm on the lookout for puzzles. I found one at the thrift store and they tape them up so the pieces wont fall out and you wish and hope theres all the pieces in there because it doesn't tell you how complete they are. I took my chances and brought it home for 99cents. Its a puzzle from cranium plus and I think its a plus because its not only a puzzle but a seek and find too. It comes with little cards that tell you what to look for. Luckily it had all the puzzle pieces and 28 out of the 30 cards. Not bad really and its huge!

Overall we had a great thrifting time and cant wait to go find some more great deals. Let me know if you find some awesome kids stuff :)
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