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Saturday, February 8, 2014

My #SA2020 Resolutions

I haven't made a real set of goals for this year and since its already February I think its about time I got started on that (Im a serious procrastinator as you can tell). During this time that I have been thinking about where to start my goals, Colleen Pence from San Antonio Mom Blogs shared her news that she was a SA2020 Resolution leader and I said to myself I know where Im starting now! 

So I looked through the list of 19 SA2020 Resolution leaders and made my own Resolutions from those on the list that will help my community and me. 

So here it goes:

My 2014 SA2020 Resolutions List:

1. Resolve to use Re-usable Shopping Bags: I have a bunch of reusable shopping bags and need to remember to carry a couple around so I can slowly go plastic free. But when I do get plastic bags I will also resolve to reuse them and not let them just get wasted (Already do this 99% of the time)

2. Resolve to give up Plastic water bottles: This will be a tough one because I love water bottles and have been trying to up my daily water drinking. So I am first of all going to get some water reusable water bottles and try to slowly make it a habit to reduce my water bottle usage. I cant expect to change a habit from one day to the next but . 

3. Resolve to Collect Books for Kids: I am a major Book Lover and my kiddo has too many at home. So I want to donate some to go towards Denise Barkhurst's Goal of 2020 Books that will go to children. If you have extra books at home that you would like to donate be sure to reach out to so that we can help her reach her goal. 

4. Resolve to go Downtown: By attending more activities downtown we are helping our city thrive economically. Plus who doesn't love our downtown honestly? 

5. Resolve to take the stairs and take more walks: I have to really do this more often. I hate stairs because of my bad knees but I cant let that be an excuse forever. I worry about my health and taking the stairs more often is a step in the right direction. I already go on walks but I need to increase my distance and walk more often. I've already said drink more water so overall I Resolve to be Healthier this year! 

6. Resolve to help fund and attend more Art events: Fund by getting a membership to one of the local museums and by going more often to them as well. When possible use social media to promote museum events so others in our city can attend as well. 

7. Resolve to go to parks: Introduce my munchkin to more local parks and be more active! This will be fun. 

8. Resolve to Volunteer! Whether it be with my time or in person or even through social media. Volunteer! Help a cause by spreading the word,  encourage high schoolers to fill out there Fafsa or get people to register to vote. These things will help your community grow and thrive!

Hope you check out the SA2020 Resolution Leaders and join along in there causes and make some of them your own. Be sure to hashtag #SA2020Resolutions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and G+ so that we can all share together, encourage and follow each others journey. 
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  1. Love this! I am obsessed with collecting kid's books. I could spend hours looking through them picking over my childhood favorites!

  2. Way to go, Alvina! I love the resolutions you've selected. I'm working hard at a few of those too. ;)

  3. These are so great! I know you will be successful in these resolutions!

  4. These are great resolutions! Bringing reusable shopping bags is one I struggle with regularly!

  5. That smile is infectious!


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