There's Magic Out There: Imagination Movers at Seaworld this weekend!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Imagination Movers at Seaworld this weekend!

Have you heard the news? This weekend we are going to have a major Happy moment. The Imagination Movers are coming to Seaworld San Antonio and we will be there to dance and sing and cheer along! They are here for The Just for Kids Concert Series at SeaWorld. Admission is Free if you have a season pass/fun card/day admission. If you aren't already a Seaworld pass holder then this is a great example of why you should become one. They have the Just for Kids concert series, then Praise wave and many more special events that your membership can get you access to. 

We cant wait to see the Movers. We have been loyal fans of there Tv show for quite some time. We know all the songs and my kiddo even does there dances. We saw there concert tv special and they sure know how to entertain a crowd. So this event will sure be a treat for my family! 

Hope to see you there this weekend! 

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