There's Magic Out There: Outdoor Picnic with Fruit Salad (Kids in the Kitchen)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Outdoor Picnic with Fruit Salad (Kids in the Kitchen)

This week I am linking up with Kids in the Kitchen. Each week parents post about there adventures in the kitchen with there kiddos. I didn't know where to start but the inspiration came this morning when we went grocery shopping. There was so many yummy fruits and I thought why not make a fruit salad? I've never really given munchkin any cooking duties because I get so nervous of him getting burnt or cut that I denied this experience from him. I put my fears aside and thought of ways he could help me that didn't involve a knife and that is why fruit salad was a great first choice. 
Munchkin brought along a friend to help us! 
Munchkin had so much fun cleaning the fruits, helping me pick out the grapes and washing them, adding them in a little at a time and then mixing them up. Cleaning up the strawberries and peeling the bananas.  
You should have seen how proud he was when he told his Tia he had made the food. 
We brought out a small blanket and put it outside to enjoy the fruit salad in the sunshine! Of course munchkins dino had to come along and enjoy the fruit!

Hope you have fun with your kids in the Kitchen! If you feel a little nervous about it at first like me then start off with something easy and small and keep  working your way up (like I plan to do). Its always great to share a new experience with your kiddo and the feeling they get of pride when they do something for themselves is priceless and so worth the fears we as parents might have. I need to start thinking of our next cooking adventure and while you are here don't forget to link up at Sensibly Sara if you are joining in. 

Happy Cooking and yummy Eating!

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  1. What a great idea! He looks so happy and proud!! Cutie pie!

  2. LOL i like he dino having a picnic with you :) thanks for linking up

  3. Visiting from the Kids in the Kitchen series...LOVE the Dino! My kids were obsessed with Dinos at that age. It's so fun!

  4. I don't know what I would do if my child actually ate fruit salad. Probably faint. He is turning 4 (tomorrow) and is just now eating grapes. We've struggled to get this boy to eat any fruit. He is SO picky. Apples will be the next challenge...


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  5. Awesome idea! I just wrote a post on cooking with my kids....we LOVE it! My kids are so involved in the process and I think it makes them eat different things more often.

  6. That fruit salad looks DELICIOUS!! I am so glad you let the munchkin help!

  7. My kids would have that devoured in like 5 minutes!! They LOVE fruit. Thanks so much for linking up!

  8. The fruit salad looks totally awesome! I hear you on the worry with the kids in the kitchen - but what a great and healthy idea you came up with.

    It looks like tons of fun!

  9. Hi! New to the hop, new follower. Alaina from Bullocks Buzz (


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