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November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkey Thumbprints

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! And I know all of you moms are going to be busy in the kitchen making your family a great dinner. Well to keep your kids occupied and in the theme of Thanksgiving I have this week been making Thanksgiving items with my munchkin. (Turkey handprints & Turkey table topper) You can have your children occupied working on one of these Turkeys.

All you need is paper and paint (different colors of your choosing, be creative and let your kids be originals)
You use your fingers or thumb and make one big main print (the body) and then use your pinkie to create the feathers around it in a pattern. Go as many layers in as many different colors as you want.
Just like that tada! You have a Turkey! Just draw on some legs and a beak and eyes. You could even add googly eyes.
We made these the same day we made the Handprint Turkeys. We also made a smaller version with just one finger print and one row of feathers around it.

They are adorable! You can put either version of the turkey finger prints on a card or frame it on your wall. No matter how you use them they will be greatly loved and cherished as a keepsake of your child.

I saw these Turkey finger prints here and here.

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you grateful for? You can read what I am grateful for this month here.

And dont forget to check out the other Thanksgiving crafts: Turkey Handprints & Turkey Table Topper.

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  1. Too cute! This would be perfect to bring as a gift to grandparents, pinned.


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