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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Central Library Play & Learn November

This morning we woke up bright and early to go to the Central library Play and learn. The change of weather made it very chilly but we are always excited to go. We have been going to this Play and Learn since September. The theme for this week was Home. Let me show you a bit of what we did today:

We played the Ants pants game
We then heard a book "Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley"
We then went off to play as if we were at home by:

taking a bath
cleaning up the house
cooking (homemade stove top out of old cds/dvds as burners and container tops as knobs then a simple box top as the base)
playing with food in your kitchen
old detergent containers turned into homes
At the end of class we were given a free book for participating in the Play and Learn (building our library).
We had a good morning and love coming to Play and Learn. We even checked out some books to help with our alphabet journey.
Remember that Play and learn is free! You do not need to register in advance. Just find a Play and learn near you and show up ready to Play and learn!

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  1. Alvina, this looks like so much fun. My husband use to take our 1st born daughter to the toddler reading time / story time at the library but since we had our second daughter juggling both was a challenge and he has not been back with them. I had no idea they had a Play and Learn. The central library is closest for us too. What time is theirs? Maybe I can convince him he has to go back with the girls.

    1. The Central Library does there play and learn every Wednesday morning from 9:30 to 10:15. And it is lots of fun!


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