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Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Handprints

We are counting down the days until we get to eat yummy turkey and I'm trying to find ways to get my munchkin into The Thanksgiving spirit. So we always love playing with paint and I decided we should do some Thanksgiving turkey Handprints! They are super easy to create and can be used in so many ways.

Here's what we did:
  • Get out lots of paints (you need brown and colors that look fun to you because every ones turkey can be different)
  • Get paper, plain construction paper or printer paper anything works. (Try the inside of a cereal box so it will sturdy)
  • We got googly eyes but you can just draw them on later or even draw then cut them out of construction paper and glue them on
  • You paint the palm(body of turkey) and thumb(head of turkey) of your hand brown and the rest of your fingers a different color so they represent the feathers.
  • You just place your hand against the paper and push down and you can get at least 3 uses from that one hand before you need to repaint.
  • Wait for it to dry and then decide how you want to use the turkey

  1. Cut them out and add the eye and legs and glue them onto a thick paper and write a special message and the year and then laminate it and make it into a Thanksgiving place mat that will be a special keepsake over the years.
  2. You could cut one out and Put the childs name and the year it is and then place it on thick paper and frame it.
  3. You can cut one out and glue it on to an empty card either on the outside or inside with a special holiday message and send it to a loved one.
  4. You could even get a toilet paper roll and cut out the turkey and decorate it then glue it onto the side of the toilet paper roll (standing up) so It could be a cute centerpiece.
  5. You can cut them out, add details then use a hole punch and string a bunch together to create a nice hanging decoration.
Honestly the possibilities are endless! Use your imagination and think of how you want to use it and display.

I made one of munchkins handprints into a Thanksgiving card to give to grandma. And the other handprints I put onto thick poster paper to put up on our wall. I love them!

We had lots of fun making them and they are super special to me because I love seeing how much his hand has grown over the years.

I got inspiration for this craft from a picture on pinterest here and I gave it my own twist.

How are you getting your child in the Thanksgiving spirit? And Please share with me if you make some and how you ended up using them. I would love to see them!

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