There's Magic Out There: Easter Basket Cupcakes

February 27, 2013

Easter Basket Cupcakes

I wanted to share with you the cupcakes I made last year for my family's Easter BBQ. They are super easy to make and cute too! Plus they make great treats to give as gifts!

For the cupcake itself use whatever recipe you normally use. Lets just say for this purpose you already made the cupcakes and let them cool off. 


  • Rainbow Twizzlers
  • Bunny Peeps
  • Candy Grass
  • Jelly Beans/candy eggs
  • Frosting

Now that your cupcakes are cool gather your materials. At my local grocery store every year they have edible grass in various colors. Its one giant long strand rolled up like a rope in the package. I get clean scissors just for the purpose of cooking and cut off a piece of the strand. I then cut up the grass into small little snippets. I put that to the side. (This will work almost like sprinkles)

I then frosted my cupcakes in chocolate so that it looked like dirt. Of course you can do this in any color you want. I then while the frosting was still fresh put the snippets of candy grass onto the frosting so that now I have a base of dirt with grass. 

I then used a package of Rainbow Twizzlers. It literally has various colors of Twizzlers in one pack instead of the normal all red package. I separate one out from the bunch and I dig one end into one edge of the cupcake then the other end into the opposite side so as to form a handle for my basket. This is another reason why you don't want your cupcake still warm because it will break apart when the Twizzlers go through, but when cooled off it will fit right in and stay firm. 

Now I had my basket with grass and I grab a bunny to put inside. I used the bunny peeps to do this and they are fun because they come in different colors! You will most likely have to shorten the peeps height but that will also depend on the size of Twizzlers you use. Just use scissors and cut to fit if needed. 

I then got a bag of jelly beans to use as Easter eggs in my cupcake basket and some are speckled so they look like eggs even more so! 

Ta-da! You now have an Easter Basket cupcake! 
You can make these with various candies and different sized eggs. I made some using gum eggs and hard candy eggs. I also used little bunny toppers on some, and some are just baskets with only eggs so just be creative, have fun and Enjoy!
Hope you have a great Easter with these on your table! 

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