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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Have you tried Schick Hydro silk?

I am so excited to be telling you about the first item I had a chance to check out Thanks to Bzzz and its the Schick Hydro Silk. Ok girls I know its winter but I'm in Texas so it gets pretty hot sometimes here even in winter. I've been wearing my shorts every so often and I need to have shorts ready legs. 

So when I got this in the mail I was super excited to try it and see the difference between this and the other brands. Ok I will admit that with razors I am pretty cheap. I think that since its only shaving all brands must be pretty much the same. But oh boy was I wrong! 

This razor was so smooth on my skin and gentle that I feel bad for my legs for mistreating them before. But never again! I know about Schick now and you should give it a try it too! 

Disclosure: I am a Bzzz Agent. I have received this item free to try out and Review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Your experience may vary from mine. 

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