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Friday, November 8, 2013

Family Trip to The Texas State Aquarium

This past summer we took a family trip to Corpus Christi Texas. The first time I had been able to go (since these trips were a tradition for my brother and sister with my mom and step dad). It was even more exciting since it would be my kiddos first time even seeing the ocean! On the first day there in Corpus my kiddo, sister and I visited The Texas State Aquarium for the very first time! 

If you know me then you know that since I was in elementary school I have been insanely in Love with sea life and to be more specific Turtles! So being so close to the beach mixed with the smell of the sea water I was in heaven! 

I instantly fell in love with The Aquarium. Its a mix of indoor and outdoor areas that are very kid friendly for the littles as well as for the bigs. Its very interactive and education friendly. Its done in a way where as you discover you are learning about sea life and environments and I enjoyed it so much! As for my kiddo... we spent hours there! He loved it and it was the perfect beginning for our Beach trip. 

Here are some photos from our visit to the Texas State Aquarium:
This was the Beautiful ceiling. It felt like being under the sea. 
This is my sister holding a starfish! You can actually pick them up underwater. Just don't take them out of the water! She said it was awesome to hold one.
 Yes I made a couple of coins! I actually collect them from the places we visit. Its a neat thing I want to conserve along with memories.
 My munchkin checking out the sharks!
 Entering the Amazon...
Checking out the underwater Dolphin viewing area
Watching the Dolphin show! 
Hanging out with Stingrays. You can touch and feed them too
We went to go see the Beautiful turtles! 
And last but not least... The Texas State Aquarium has an amazing water play area for the kids to be able to cool off in. Its the HEB Splash park and its a whole lot of fun so pack some extra clothes!
 Hopefully we get to go back soon because it definitely goes on my favorite list! Plus I want to make these beach trips a tradition for my munchkin. Have you ever visited the Texas State Aquarium? 

Here are more Happenings from our Vacation:
Writing my Name in the Beach Sand
Visiting the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi
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  1. Love the photos, Alvina. Makes me want to hop in the van and go, go, go!

  2. What a lovely Aquarium you have in Texas! I haven't been there yet but we love Aquariums. Here's our visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to see the Jellyfish.

  3. We took our son when he was young and are looking forward to taking our grandson as soon as he's old enough. Love that place.

  4. We love the Aquarium! I dont think they had the splash pad when we went just the playground that the boys did not want to leave! Time to start planning a trip back again soon! Love the pics :)

  5. I enjoyed the Aquarium Houston's is really good also. Did y'all go to the USS Lexington? It is really really awesome!!!

  6. This is a wonderful aquarium. Lots of great pics!

  7. My kids love aquariums and this place looks great

  8. Love the photos - makes me want to go back and visit!

  9. We love aquariums. I especially like when they have an interactive area where you can touch the animals and water parks are always popular with the kids! What I wouldn’t do for some sunshine. Almost winter up here in Ontario, Canada. Love the pictures.

    Thanks for linking up to my weekly Bloglovin Hop ( I appreciate seeing your familiar face. Thanks for the support.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  10. Oh what a neat aquarium!! I never give them enough credit. This one looks like a lot of fun!

  11. Hi, thanks for linking up on the Journeys of the Zoo Bloglovin Linky, stopping by to see you from and looking forward to reading more of your blog

  12. I love this aquarium, thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos! I had no idea you liked turtles! I have been collecting turtles since I was a kid! I have 2 live ones right now! We will have to share our stories about them one day! Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Alvina, I enjoyed your trip almost as much as you did! :) Your photography is beautiful- you got so many great shots! Looks like your little one had a blast!

    Visiting from the Sweet Tea Social,

    Joy @ Yesterfood

  14. I didn't know we even had a state aquarium! Thanks for this addition to our "must do" list. I can't imagine how cool my son would think it was to hold a starfish.

  15. Hi there! Thanks for sharing this great post on the aquarium. Your pictures seem to capture your little boy's happiness so well. My son loves the aquarium, he's actually quite fascinated with water! I recently took him to an indoor water park in Wisconsin Dells, about an hour drive from our home, and he had a blast. If you are in the plans for a getaway, you won't be disappointed with this.

  16. Ah! My husband and I want to go to an aquarium so bad! We both love sea turtles an obsessive amount. Gorgeous pictures, by the way!



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