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Monday, November 25, 2013

A Thankful Giveaway!

Happy Gobble Gobble week to all of you! This week is a special one. For me its because I have my kiddo all to myself for 9 days! I've missed him so much since he started school in August. Yes, I know its only a couple hours a day but when you're use to always being together and that changes it can really get to you. So my son is my main reason to be grateful this week. I wish it was longer. 

What are you grateful for? 

It can be the little things that to others might seem so big. Like when I was online this weekend and its been a really cold one here in San Antonio, most of us Natives are out of our comfort zone. With temperatures in the 40's we are freezing. So I thought how thankful I am for a warm home. This hit me really hard when I saw online how our local shelter was in need. There are people without warmth this season and a lot of local business donated sheets, blankets, jackets and more to help the shelter out to be able to keep more of our citys homeless warm. That really touched my heart. Please if you can this Holiday season give back. It will be the most amazing feeling inside to help others. 

Speaking of helping others. My fellow San Antonio Bloggers have really been pulling my heart strings! Everywhere I look they are preforming acts of kindness and gratitude, Thankfulness projects. Like donating there time to wrap Christmas presents for those in need, celebrating there birthday with acts of kindness to strangers and even giving things away like Over at Champagne Taste on A Beer Budget. Where Christina Coker is sharing how grateful she is of all her readers with a giveaway of more than $75 worth of fashion & beauty swag!

Im lucky to be able to share this with all of you! My readers who I am also grateful for. I hope to see you enter and with fingers crossed, hopefully win! You’ll win all the items you see below! 
Good luck to you all and please enter in the rafflecopter below! (Giveaway runs from 11/25 - 12/2) Please give it a minute to load or click on the rafflecopter link. Happy Holidays! 
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