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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our first Pumpkin Carving Adventure

This October was our first time carving pumpkins. Previous years my kiddo was too small so we would buy the baby pumpkins and just draw on them or use paint. But this year he started school and they talked about it and they even told us parents that pumpkin carving was going to happen in there class so now there were no excuses. I knew this was our year to try it all out together for the first time. 

Well... It was a blast! We literally spent hours outside playing with pumpkin goo and seeds and making designs on pumpkins and we didn't get bored. Here are some pictures from our adventure:
These are the first 3 pumpkins we did out of a total of 7 I believe we ended up doing over the month of October
Taking off the top of the pumpkin is very exciting. I dont know why but I expected it to be full all the way to the top off pumpkin goo. And major confession: I dont know how Pumpkin pies are made but I kept thinking you must need a bunch just to make one pie. I guess I need to go investigate on that. 
The seeds are huge! And man is everything sticky
Here's an inside view. Ps my son was watching and interacting the whole time. It was so exciting for him to see how the insides look and to help us clean them out. This is a great experience for the little ones but seriously prepare to get dirty. 
After all that cleaning and scraping of the pumpkin our bowls were full! 
Here is our empty pumpkin
And here is my kiddo playing with all the goop
Here is my carving progress
This was my finished pumpkin carving. Its a mummy since Im a mommy. Get it? Yeah... I know corny. But it was fun. 

Now dont forget to Hop on over to Alamo City moms blog to check out my post with Pumpkin Carving Tips for Beginners that came from this Pumpkin Carving Adventure! Hope to see you over there.

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