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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Have you checked out Gummy Lump lately?

Gummy Lump is this awesome Blog that I'm a contributor on. And very proud to be as a matter of fact. I have been with Gummy Lump now since February of this year and have gotten to do some very fun activities and crafts and wanted to share a round up of them with you guys! 

Me and my kiddo have fun using the Melissa and Doug toys and art supplies as well as recycled items in our creative endeavors. I hope you guys check them out! A lot of Love goes into them....
  1. DIY Indoor Zoo
  2. DIY Puzzle Piece Keychains
  3. DIY Pretend play Garden
  4. Mothers Day Jewelry Box & Bracelet
  5. Nature Art Hunt Painting!
  6. Early learning about Bones &Organs
  7. DIY Theater & Finger puppets
  8. Eric Carle inspired Zoo Adventure Book
  9. Earth friendly Musical Instruments
  10. Early Learning with Ice Cream Fun
  11. Money Recognition with a Pretend Store
  12. How your kiddo can be a REAL Super Hero! 
  13. Introduction to the Teacher (A get to know me craft)
  14. Exploring Art for Hispanic Heritage Month
  15. Personalized Room decor for kids by Kids
And in case you are wondering, since I sure did.... Gummy Lump?! I had never even heard the phrase before! Well if you want to know the story behind the name check it out here

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  1. What a fun group of crafts to do with your kids! Definitely pin-worthy! I pinned it here -


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