There's Magic Out There: Coffins on Parade 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Coffins on Parade 2013

We love heading out to the Riverwalk, its so much fun and somethings always happening. On this night we went to check out an event we have been to many times! We went to see coffins On Parade! 

No dont worry there not real coffins and also this is a very family friendly event. Theres just fun music and lights and people dressed in fun costumes. Sometimes they throw candy and little trinkets like necklaces and Halloween themed items. Theres some dancing and plenty of glowing. The river barges go around the river walk route twice. Its a great way to spend an afternoon and major plus... Its FREE! 

Here are some photos from this years Coffins On Parade at The San Antonio Riverwalk: 

(I wish there was more photos but the barges are too much fun that you cant keep your camera up, plus when the clown from "IT" came out thats all I could stare at) Hope to see you out there next year! 
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