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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wacky Science fun with The Happy Trunk

Disclosure: I was provided a Happy Trunk for review purposes. No Other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions are still all my own. 
My kiddo and I love crafts! We have shared many of the ones we have made with you and sometimes we have awesome ideas and not all the materials and cant go out and buy them at the moment so it ruins our fun. So when I get The Happy Trunk in the mail Im excited to see that it comes with everything I will need for the activities inside. The Happy Trunk has arts and crafts and even science activities for us to do together. 

This month we got Wacky Science! Check it out:
Inside there are activity cards that have instructions on how to do each of the science experiments from the box plus all the materials necessary for them.  Even including scissors!  
We started off with Slime monsters! This one sounded and looked fun so we jumped right in. They included a full size bottle of glue for which I was grateful since we used it all up in this experiment! 
It was easy to do and fun for my munchkin. Watching the materials mix and seeing how it changed into something new was exciting and a fun science lesson that can open up conversation on states of matter and more.
We ended up making 2 different colored containers and then decorated them to make fun monsters of our own! 
Arent they adorable?! 
We then did the Fizzing lava Lamp and this one we stayed on for a long time! 
Watching the solution bubble up inside with each shake was a blast! We used a little bit of fizz powder at a time to really make it last. 
It looked so pretty and was fun. We then did one more that day. It was the Magnetic Hairstyles!
My kiddo and I were giggling making different hair styles and even making a mustache for our magnetic hair man. Isn't he cute? With this one we got to talk about magnets and what they can pick up and how we were creating the hair styles with the pipe cleaners. We also made a nose and mouth with the scissors. 

Isn't it nice when you can sneak in some fun learning activities and your kiddos have no idea? The Wacky Science kit from The Happy Trunk occupied the both of us for a good afternoon. The best part is that with the materials provided we can stretch that fun for the future. What science fun have you been having with your little ones? Have you checked out the Happy Trunk before? We cant wait for a new kit!

For more with The Happy Trunk check out our review of Fun in Food. And dont worry they have a little bit of everything for the kiddos: Creativity Kits, Party favors, Party packs,  Science kits and mini creativity kits. Be sure to check them out! 
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  1. This looks great for the summer time boredom blues! I also like how ALL the supplies seem to be provided to make it super easy for mom and dad. Linking up through the Sweet Tea Social ;-)

  2. I love these boxes with the activities in them. Great Pictures!!!

  3. I haven't gotten to try any activity boxes yet - Florence is just too young- but this one looks great. I think the best part is they include EVERYTHING! I hate having to run around looking for supplies...

  4. What a fun box for kids! And the fact that everything you need is included makes it even more special.

  5. What a great idea for kids- I am going to use this one with my kids.

  6. What a cool set! My kids love science experiments and these look especially fun.

  7. Anything that gets kiddos interested in science, I'm supporting.

  8. What fun boxes! I bet my youngest would enjoy these!

  9. What a great box to get kids to create fun things! My daughters would really enjoy it!

  10. Fun crafts!!! This would be a good gift to send too!!

  11. Oh! This is so fun! I need to show this to my sister!!

  12. Loads of fun. I love crafts too.

  13. How much fun! I love all of these different types of boxes out there and I might just have to give this one a try, I think my little one would have so much fun!

  14. I loved doing stuff like this when I was a kid!


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