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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New hair Thanks to Garnier Olia! (Review)

I am very lucky to have been asked By Bzz to try out Garnier Olia because it was just the push I needed to get my hair in order. All of these thoughts are my own drawn from my own experience with this product that I received for free to facilitate this review.

I have a mommy confession: I have grey hair! Yep... I am 28 yrs old and about a year ago my hair started to grey. I should have known it was coming. My mom grayed early and even my brother and sister have grey hair and they are younger than me. Its just become a part of life and I tried hiding it. I use to dye my hair pretty often before my son came along (just for fun) but after it wasn't as much a priority and I even worried about the chemicals and the smell and how they could affect my son. 

But now that my sons getting older and mommy realizes she has to take care of herself, dying my hair seemed like a push in the right direction. It was fun shopping for colors in the store (Bzz provided me with a Free hair color coupon so I could pick it out myself at the store). 

I found one that wasn't too drastic a change (for now) and tried it that night. I opened up the package and it was all set up nice and neat. Little bottles all labeled with numbers to help you out in the instruction steps. They had a cute container where you were suppose to mix items together and shake before you put it on your hair. To help us out it even comes with super cute black gloves. 

After a good 30 minutes in your hair and a quick rinse you add in the conditioner and Bam! New Hair! New color!

It smelled so good (kinda like flowers) when the dye was in my hair. I didn't get a headache (which most times I usually did from the chemicals and smell from hair dye). The coverage of the hair color was pretty good and I was right and the hair color wasn't too strong of a change but just enough to give me a confidence boost with my grays gone. 

It was fun to change up my look a little and get pushed in the right direction to start taking care of me more right now. I recommend this product to those who might be looking for a new hair color at home. Lets see what changes come next in small pushes.  

Disclosure: I am a Bzz Agent and was given Garnier Olia Free to Review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Your experience may vary from mine. 

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