There's Magic Out There: Easter Chalk Fun

March 12, 2013

Easter Chalk Fun

On a bright sunny day what else could we do but go outside, have fun and enjoy the sunshine? We brought out some chalk and munchkin went to coloring on the floor. He was making Easter eggs with me and I was making some Easter baskets with eggs inside! He helped me color some in and even drew a couple on his own. He even tried making a bunny!

Here are some pictures of our fun:

It was a fun time and I think during our Easter BBQ we are going to put out a big tub of chalk for the kiddos to make there own Easter fun on the driveway. Its also a good learning opportunity on shapes. Eggs are ovals not circles and munchkin is great with his circle but still has trouble making an oval. I have to remind him egg... It looks like an egg. But once you remind him he does a pretty good job. I think it will be great for them on Easter and also a great decoration for us to have on our driveway. We will be sure to take pictures of them next to it as a keepsake. Hope you try it it out. Even if not on Easter, maybe before so that it helps with your Easter decorating outside! 

Here's another outside Easter decoration in case you missed it:

Decorating your Fence for Easter with plastic eggs and ribbon

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  1. I really look forward to when my little guy is old enough to play with chalk. Cute Easter decorations :)

  2. That is a great idea wished it was warm and sunny over here to do something like that

  3. Thanks for being so awesome. And because your are so awesome, I have nominated you for a Liebster award! Check out the link for more details!! xoxo

  4. My daughter loves to play with chalk, more than any other drawing tool. Awesome to connect it with Easter. They must have loved that!

  5. We love side walk Chalk and playing outside! Cute post! Stopping by from

  6. Chalk is wonderful for outdoor drawing. Love the Easter basket, very well done!


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