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Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Monster Valentine Card Holder

This was my kiddos first Valentines day at school, so in honor of such a special occasion we made a special box together. We made a love Monster! 
We used a big empty cereal box, since we wanted to make sure that treats would fit inside we used a double bag cereal box. I then measured out the size of mouth I wanted using scrap paper. Then I cut into the box to make the mouth. 
I then used heavy stock paper to make the teeth. I measured against the mouth opening then glued it in from the inside. 
Then munchkin glued googly eyes to the face. Lots of them!  
Here is the face now
Then all around the back areas he covered it in hearts! 
Lastly I traced his hands and made some arms and glued the hand cut outs to the arms and box to create the monsters arms! Ta-da! Love Monster Box complete! 
Here is my munchkin modeling his new Valentines Day Card box holder! 
Hope you have fun making your own. Happy Valentines Day! 
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  1. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS. I am obsessed with like knitted monster plushies and Ugly Dolls. They are just adorable!!
    I love the googly eyes.

  2. Love this.. my daughters had to create a Valentine box but .... cough cough.. there's was not quite this cute!

  3. What a cute project to collect Valentine's in! I love all the googly eyes on the love monster... This is definitely something I would have ADORED making as a kid!


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