There's Magic Out There: Our very first time to the Circus: Seeing the Alzafar Shrine Circus

Monday, September 30, 2013

Our very first time to the Circus: Seeing the Alzafar Shrine Circus

So I have a major confession: I have a fear of clowns! Yep, they really bug me and so far I've been able to avoid them. And how you might ask? Well, I had never been to a circus! 

That all changed this week, and I'm glad it did because we had a blast with this new Experience! I went with my sister and my son thanks to tickets I won on my friend Michelle's Blog "Family Love in my City"

Here is our adventure seeing the Alzafar Shrine Circus!
The Elephants were beautiful! So majestic! It was amazing to see so many of them at once

The lions were huge! The trainer was amazing with them and I could sense a great respect between them.
I loved seeing these ladies perform. These were beautiful butterflies that glowed all florescent. 

The circus even had dogs! They were cutest pooches ever! My kiddo loved seeing them ride there car.
They had a bunch of Beautiful Camels! 
And this Elephant was amazing! the way he could balance himself and roll along was amazing to see and almost unreal

And of course there were clowns there! Yep, they were walking around everywhere and I couldn't avoid them. My kiddo even took a picture with one of them. 

There were more acts too like this one man who could balance himself on here while it moved all around. This was one of my favorites! 

Motorcycle acts on the trapeze line and more

Then even this man got shot from the canon! It was a loud pop and boom then he was in the air! It was so scary I wanted to close my eyes! 

Overall we had a blast! My kiddo enjoyed himself and we got to put a new experience under our belt. It was fun, loud and very colorful. Its something everyone should experience even if its only once and even if you have a fear of clowns. Trust me, I survived!
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