There's Magic Out There: Happiness is... (Week 11) Plus a Giveaway!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happiness is... (Week 11) Plus a Giveaway!

Its been a long time since I shared what is making me happy and sadly its not because I keep forgetting but actually because life has been rough this year. With my dad being so sick and going through surgery after surgery and wound care appointments, antibiotics in his PICC line that I administer, infectious disease visits, ER visits and so much more how can I even breathe?

Adding to that I am a mom whose kiddo started school for the first time on Monday! And I had never even been away from him for that long (EVER!). I couldn't find uniforms that fit him right until like 3 days before school started and I didn't have that beautiful first time meeting the teacher and exploring the classroom as I gush and take pictures of every inch of the room my kiddo will be in this year. Instead I'm unhappy with school and sad.

But this isn't about what makes me sad.. today I'm sharing what makes me happy right now:

Happiness is... Realizing that although it hurts and breaks my heart to let go of my child as he heads to school my heart is filled with crazy pride for him. I love my son and I am so proud of my big boy as he heads in to class and doesn't cry and tells me "I'm going to miss you mommy, I love you!" I know I've done a good job at making him ready for the world and I realize my son isn't a baby anymore (tears) but I sure do love the big boy he is becoming.

Happiness is ... the nice walks my munchkin and I have as we walk to school and then walk home everyday. We live so close to the school that the school bell rings at 2:40 and by 2:47 we are already changing at home! Plus I love our talks along the way! 

Happiness is ... that my munchkin goes to the same school my dad went to over 50 yrs ago, the same school I went to and even my brother and sister. Its now a family tradition! 

Happiness is ... PUPPIES! Yep, we are over run with puppies at my house. 
If you know us then you know we have been cat people since I was little. And yes we still have a couple cats from our family line but as you might also know for the past couple of years we have also had one dog named TOri. Well Tori had 5 gorgeously TOO good looking puppies and we adore them! 

Our cat/dog family was already happily blended and now with one kitten and our 3 adult cats plus one adult dog and 5 puppies our blended family is complete! Those little yaps mixed in with meows make our hearts melt and they all love each other.

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Lisa at Crazy Adventures in parenting has been doing a weekly series called "Happiness Is_____" where every Wednesday she will be having a link up for others to share what Happiness is to them. So go check that out and link up! You can also follow others along with the hash tag #HappinessIs on twitter and Instagram. Hope to see you there spreading the happiness!
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  1. i'm glad you found your happiness this week alvina! the tough times are when we need to look for it most in the little things in our life! those puppies are too adorable, your house sounds FULL, and i'm glad munchkin is loving pre-k!

  2. I'm so so happy you shared your happy! It is SO heartbreaking to send them off to school and to see summer end, I know. Those PUPPIES! OMG!!! SO SWEET!!

  3. my favorite is the Camera Charm!

  4. Oh gosh, I cannot even imagining sending my toddler to school one day...but I know the time will come and he'll be just as excited as your little guy was :)

    I'm glad you found the happy this week!!

  5. Those puppies are too cute! I can't even imagine next year when Little Man will be gone 5 days a week!

    Love love the camera charm!!
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