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Monday, January 7, 2013

Checked out My H-E-B Texas Life?

This Saturday I picked up a copy of My H-E-B Texas Life, It was actually in my newspaper (Can be found in store). I had looked at other issues before but this one was special. It had a lot of useful information I wanted to share with you guys.

First of all have you checked them out? Its a Free publication!

Do you shop at HEB? You can actually write to them about a shopping experience or something related to the publication or really as long as its related to HEB (share it with them) and they might put your letter in the publication. Email them or write to them and if you end up (fingers crossed) in the publication you get a $25 gift card for H-E-B (Just for sending them a thoughtful note) in the mail! Cant hurt to try!

This issue was Health themed! (perfect for your New years resolutions)
  • It has tips to help you be healthy and eat healthy
  • Talks about healthy portions
  • It even has yummy recipes!
Plus it talks about a contest for Texas students in K-8, Its called "Think OAT-Side the Box". They want kid created design ideas for H-E-B toasted Oats and H-E-B honey nut toasted oats cereals. If they win they can have there design featured on a limited edition cereal Box plus a $5000 prize for there school and a breakfast party for there class. (Entries due by 4/2/2013) Obtain entry form/rules and more details at  

Last but not least... Coupons! It has a bunch of special HEB coupons inside that can really help keep you on a budget.
So go to your local H-E-B and pick one up! Its a great resource for Free, you'll see what I mean when you open it up.


  1. I LOVE that store! I visited my best friend in San Antonio for several summers when I was a full-time teacher and had summers off. She was in grad school, so she was studying or attending summer classes all day and I had to keep myself busy until she got finished and we could go to Happy Hour. :) One of my favorite things to do was go shopping at HEB. The people--both employees and shoppers--were so nice, and I had the best conversations with them. Once, my letter-to-the-editor was featured in Shape magazine, and I ran out and bought it there, yelling to everyone excitedly that I had been featured in Shape magazine! A small crowd formed around the checkout aisle, and they were all so excited for me. When I showed them my letter, you could see their wheels a-turnin'; they thought I'd been featured in some kind of weight loss story and were slightly disappointed. They hid it well, though, and acted very happy for me. Anyway, love that store!

  2. Thanks!! I was at HEB yesterday and they didn't have any out. Maybe they'll have one the next time I am in there! I did see the Oats contest advertised on the box I bought!

    1. Mine came in my sunday newspaper but I always see them in the store. I wish I was little enough to enter the contest

  3. I miss HEB! I moved to NC from Texas. HEB was my go-to for all grocery needs... seriously!


  4. Hi I am your 200th follower and I really enjoyed visiting your blog. It is great when you can find a publication that is free and fun to read. I like the pictures and incentive for the new year resolution.
    I would love for you to follow along.

    1. wow thats awesome! Thankyou! I am going to go check you out right now

  5. Hi Alvina,
    I found your blog through Let's Get Social Sunday and am a new follower :) Have a great day.


  6. Hi There,

    Stopping by from the GFC link up to share some aloha and to follow your story here. I love a good free magazine, esp if it's from a place you already know you love. What a great resource.

    If you're up for a bit of a ride I'd love, love it if you'd join me at Local Sugar Hawaii . We're riding the wave of life together-- it's a sweet thing. 'hope to see ya soon.


  7. Hi there! Stopping by from Bloggy Mom's, I'm excited to be following you here and on Pinterest! I hope you will stop by my site if you get a chance! :)


    1. hi there! I will go check you out right now, Thanks!

  8. We don't have HEB here in Los Angeles, but that layered yogurt/granola jar looks delicious. Thanks for posting! :)


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